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Please note site is new as of 11/17/18.  We are working to complete these instructions. 

This is just general kit install notes:

All clutch components are 3sgte

Adapter plate mounts to face of transmission. You must remove the factory endcap

    Upper 10mm dowel and lower 12mm dowel will be retained. Remove the other 2

    E153 does not use a pilot bearing

Please insure flywheel bolts will hand thread all the way up to flywheel. 100ftlbs torque spec

Take note of ground areas in the pics and the drilling necessary.  It is very tough to do in the car.

Our first "Cannibal" adapter plate 2014
Clearance work for axle to clear lower block
My personal 3sgte Tilton flywheel getting reworked for k24 use. 
First MockUp install 2014
Slave cylinder clearance work
Please note lower bolt hole in block on this corner will need to be drilled thru for 10mm stud to pass thru.
Location where rear mount adapter will attach.
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