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Honda K Series Swap mounts Paseo/Tercel/Starlet

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These mounts allow for the installation of Honda K20 or K24 using the K20 transmission (RSX or Civic SI)(Not a Euro Accord k20 trans). Mounts are bolt-in and require removal of left mount bracket from bay. Mounts were built using k24 with RBC intake to test for clearance. I can supply axle dimensions. I also test fit the k-tuned 4-1 economy header (cut at flex section).

*1st and 2nd gen Paseo. 91-97

*4th and 5th gen Tercel.

*89-98 starlet gt/glanza v (actually all the starlets. Not just the turbo ones.)

I'd probably just label it 89-98 Starlet. Cuz even the glanza's are still labeled as starlets. EP82 is 89-95. And ep91's are 95.5-98

*all Toyota Sera's. I forget exact model years. Probably 91-95. I'll look again.

You also have the weird stuff. Like the Corolla ll (2), which also runs the 4efe 1.3L. Same mounts.

The Paseo is also called a cynos.

The tercel is also called a corsa.

Obviously just depends on the country.

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