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SW20 Clutch Master Cylinder Adapter

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Adapts Wilwood or Tilton master cylinder to firewall for clutch use. Includes thread adapter to factory clevis ( or aftermarket replacement)

A 5/8" bore is stock SW20 bore size. (Honda bore size is 3/4, for those swapping transmission) If you have a very short pedal stroke and hard pedal, going to a smaller bore will lengthen and soften the pedal action. If you have a very long and soft pedal travel, a larger bore will shorten the stroke and add resistance.

The Wilwood GS Compact Remote and GS Integral Reservoir versions have the correct push rod length. The Wilwood Compact Remote version might need the threaded push rod shortened for your application.

Wilwood numbers below.

GS Remote Reservoir version: Does not include reservoir.

1/2 bore 260-15088

5/8 bore 260-15089

.70 bore 260-15090

.75 bore 260-15091

13/16 bore 260-15092

GS Compact Integral Reservoir version: Resevoir built in.

5/8 bore 260-15096

.70 bore 260-15097

3/4 bore 260-15098

Compact Remote Reservoir version: Includes reservoir for direct mount or remote mounting

5/8 bore 260-10371

3/4 bore 260-10372

11/16 bore 260-10373

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